Project "Citco Marble Collection", image 01 | Lev Libeskind

el lupo table

Carved from white Carrara marble

project type

product design

Project "Citco Marble Collection", image 02 | Lev Libeskind


The marble tables in the Citco collection, individually entitled El Lupo, Enigma, and Endless, are wildly idiosyncratic in a way that anyone who comes across one is not likely to forget it. These idiosyncratic furniture pieces are carved from white Carrara marble, known as Luna marble to the ancient Romans, quarried since antiquity from the mountains located at the northernmost tip of Tuscany. The mysterious nature of these pieces make a daring statement in any environment.  

El Lupo is defined by the jagged cuts of the tabletop combined with legs that penetrate the lower form and can be appropriately described as otherworldly. The aptly named Enigma is a puzzle-like play on form and interwoven shelves designed to delight and intrigue the senses, while Endless resembles a three-dimensional spiral that flaunts conventional furniture and demands immediate attention.

The project was realized collaboratively with Citco, Lev Libeskind, Daniel Libeskind, and their respective studios. 

Project "Citco Marble Collection", image 04 | Lev Libeskind

el lupo table

El Lupo is defined by jagged cuts

Project "Citco Marble Collection", image 05 | Lev Libeskind

enigma table

defined by sharp angles

Project "Citco Marble Collection", image 06 | Lev Libeskind

enigma table

in isolation

Project "Citco Marble Collection", image 03 | Lev Libeskind

el lupo

Table set for meal

Form meets function