Project "Rainbow Road", image exterior 01 | Lev Libeskind

New ‘Mario Kart’ inspired apartments break ground in downtown Phoenix

Rainbow Road is arguably the most well-known track from Nintendo’s “Mario Kart” video game series. It’s also the name of one of the latest projects from Phoenix-based builder Intersection Development, which will give residents the opportunity to experience life inside the multicolored circuit.
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Lev Libeskind on Office to Residential Conversions

Transforming Spaces: Lev Libeskind Discusses Office-to-Residential Conversions

At LSD, we view office-to-residential conversion projects as not only feasible but also as an unprecedented opportunity to transform communities. These initiatives allow developers and neighborhoods to breathe new life into existing structures, turning them into vibrant living spaces.
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Rainbow Road to Break Ground in Phoenix

RAINOW ROAD Apartments to in Break Ground Phoenix

Libeskind Studio Design's Rainbow Road is coming to the Roosevelt Row Art's District to become a landmark of urban renewal in downtown Phoenix. Watch the video to find out more about the vision behind it from Zac Cohen from LSD on Channel 12 Phoenix News.
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Manzana Phoenix by Lev Libeskind

Architectural Design of New Project Is Beacon of Innovation and Culture in Roosevelt Arts District

The Manzana campus by Libeskind Studio Design will be a dynamic fusion of art, culture, and community, reflecting the diverse spirit of Phoenix. This project will become a beacon of the city’s progressive future, while respectfully nodding to its rich historical tapestry. Manzana’s design perfectly marries historical charm with modern sophistication, echoing the cultural depth…
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Inclusive Architecture: Universality in Design

At Libeskind Studio Design, we firmly believe that architecture is a universal language that transcends boundaries and connects people from all walks of life. Gone are the days when grand architectural marvels were the exclusive domain of kings and queens. In our contemporary era, the democratization of architecture and design has unfolded, making exceptional spaces…
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Phoenix's architectural vision by Lev Libeskind.

Phoenix at the Crossroads: Embracing a Future as a Magnet for Visionary Architecture

Phoenix stands at a pivotal moment in its urban development. Unlike older cities whose downtowns are set in architectural stone, Phoenix’s relatively late development offers a unique opportunity. Here lies a blank canvas for creating not just a city, but a destination renowned for its iconic architecture.
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Rendering of Rainbow Road project on Roosevelt Row by Libeskind Studio Design and Intersection Development.

Intersection Development breaks ground on Rainbow Road project

One of the updates in Rainbow Road’s design is its striking new black exterior. The exterior is designed to honor the bold choices and designs that take place in the arts district. This choice enhances the contrast with colorful decorative window insets for visual impact. The addition of another floor will allow the building’s entire…
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MANZANA Apartments Coming to Phoenix

Libeskind Studio Design to contribute to Roosevelt Arts District with landmark mixed-use development. Zac Cohen of LSD interviewed by Whitey Clark on Channel 3 News - Phoenix. Libeskind Studio Design's newest project MANZANA is coming to Roosevelt Row to become a landmark of urban renewal in downtown Phoenix.
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GROWTH: The untapped architectural depth emerging in downtown Phoenix

All of those words by themselves can shape the image of a structure in the mind’s eye, but for the brain-trust of Libeskind Studio Design —- an international architectural firm —- making those ideas and themes come together can create an undeniable sense of space. The sense of space is everything to Lev Libeskind.
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Project "Manzana", image 01 | Lev Libeskind

Roosevelt Row project to bring apartments, restaurant in ‘Manzana’ development

A midcentury modern-inspired apartment complex planned near Roosevelt Row aims to capitalize on "an opportunity to create a world-class destination for architects" in Phoenix. Intersection Development, a Phoenix-based company with several downtown plans in the works, expects to break ground on Manzana, a 68-unit structure with ground-floor restaurants and bars, in the first quarter of…
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