Berlin Dreams

Palazzo Litta, Grand Hall

Berlin Dreams by Lev Libeskind

Art installation out of mirrored glass


Berlin Dreams is a piece of glass architecture, based on 9 invisible lines traced through Potsdamer Platz, after it was No Man’s Land between East and West Berlin, yet before it was rebuilt.

Each of the 9 “Muse Lines” represents a cluster of architectonic typologies representing Berlin’s civic history: from the tavern to the graveyard, concert hall, library, hospital, school, shelter, festival, moving monuments, sacred wilderness, etc. that works like a temporal map or spatial clock, demarcating a matrix of historical figures, disciplines, languages, events, colors, shapes and times of the day etched invisibly over the city’s displaced center.

A geometric form arises out of the intersection of certain points along this matrix like the wing of an angel of the future.

The project was realized in collaboration with Lev Libeskind, Daniel Libeskind, and their respective studios.

Conceptual Master Plan

for Potsdamer platz