Project "Fiam Collection", image 02 | Lev Libeskind

Fiam Wing Mirror

Available in oval and trapezoidal versions

Project type

product design


The Wing mirror transcends traditional boundaries by transforming reflective surfaces into dynamic works of art. This avant-garde mirror, crafted with meticulous precision, features a combination of two 6 mm curved back-silvered glass elements and three flat mirrors, all seamlessly welded together. The design creates a multifaceted reflection, echoing a commitment to fragmented geometries and dynamic forms. The mirror’s metal back frame offers versatile hanging options, allowing it to be displayed horizontally, vertically, or slanted.

With dimensions ranging from 181x10x49 cm to 247x10x66 cm, the Wing mirror offers flexibility in installation. Its curved glass elements capture light and shadow, transforming any room into a canvas of visual interactions.

Project "Fiam Wing Mirror", image 01 | Lev Libeskind

Oval Wing Mirror

3D created by lines of curved glass.

Wing Mirror

Rectangular Mirror with Pointed Corner