fiam mirage mirror

Project "Fiam Mirage Mirror", image 03 | Lev Libeskind

Fiam mirage Mirror

with brill aluminum finish

Project type

product design

Project "Fiam Mirage Mirror", image 01 | Lev Libeskind

FIAM mirage mirror

The Mirage mirror is an exquisite blend of art and functionality, epitomizing the fusion of architectural precision and sculptural elegance. This bestseller, designed with a curved glass structure, exudes fluidity and motion, further enhanced by a brilliant finish aluminum rear frame, adding a touch of modernity. Available in various sizes, the Mirage can be customized and rearranged to fit different environments and personal tastes, whether residential or commercial. Its versatility is showcased in its ability to be hung in different configurations, making it a flexible addition to any interior design scheme. The reflective surface captures and refracts light in unexpected ways, creating a mesmerizing visual experience that changes with the viewer’s perspective. This piece reflects a signature style of creating dynamic, multi-dimensional spaces that engage and inspire‚Äč.

Project "Fiam Mirage Mirror", image 02 | Lev Libeskind

Mirage Mirror

in various geometries and sizes, with customizable options

Project "Fiam Mirage Mirror", image 03 | Lev Libeskind

Mirage Mirror

Possibility of hanging vertically or horizontally.