Beyond the Wall

Almeria, Spain

Project "Beyond the wall", image 01 | Lev Libeskind

Cosentino’s research and production campus in Almeria, Spain

Project "Beyond the wall", image 02 | Lev Libeskind


Infinity is the theme of Beyond The Wall, the 27-foot statue on the grounds of the Cosentino Group’s world headquarters in Almeria, Spain. The infinite possibilities of the spiral inspire the work, while the structure itself is the first sculpture ever to be created using Cosentino’s ultracompact cladding material, Dekton, opening an infinite number of complex architectural and building possibilities.

Various trajectories are born via the fractal pattern of Beyond The Wall, which interlock together without a central axis. The contrast between the smooth black floor in Sirius stoneware, works in striking contrast with the white Zenith material used for the facades.  

The idea of this “spiral without curves,” originally explored in the (never built) Victoria & Albert Museum by Daniel Libeskind and Cecil Balmond, has recently been reinvented by Lev Libeskind in his project Prism, located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The project was realized collaboratively with Consentino Group, Lev Libeskind, Daniel Libeskind, and their respective studios.


Project "Beyond the wall", image 03 | Lev Libeskind

cladding close up

detail View

max height

8.5 m