Fathers and Sons: Architecture Handed Down from Generation to Generation

Originally posted by Elena Dallorso in the Architectural Digest on March 19, 2023. This has been translated from its original Italian.

Daniel and Lev Libeskind

The father, Daniel, known as a deconstructivist, has carried out many urban, cultural, and commercial projects (museums, concert halls, conference centers, university buildings, hotels, malls, and residential towers) from the museum dedicated to the Jewish painter Felix Nussbaum to the Jewish museums of Copenhagen, San Francisco, and Ottawa, from Daniel Libeskind’s Grand Canal Square Theatre in Dublin to the residences and tower (the Curve) of City Life in Milan, to the six swaying towers of Singapore.

The son, Lev, who has worked with his father for a long time, has founded his own Libeskind Studio Design in Milan and has just inaugurated another one in Rome. “I don’t want to stay in my father’s lane, I want to go my own way,” he said.

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